Starting 2023 – dreaming of sunnier times

While skies outside are grey, wintry and windy, planning the garden allows ideas and dreams of summer sun.

Meanwhile the government concerns in Paris appear to remain around reforms of the multifarious pension systems in France.

Three Pillar Pensions

With three pillars – the state pension, compulsory supplementary pension and voluntary private pensions – there are 15 million residents out of France’s 67 million inhabitants currently drawing a state pension. There are also special pension arrangements for a variety of private and state sectors, such as the railways.

Among the plans which he has vaunted since his first term in 2018, President Emmanuel Macron wants to see an end to the rules which see some of the state railway’s 200,000 workers retiring on a full pension at the age of 52, up to 10 years before most other French workers. Macron wants a single system for all.

Despite the overall complexity and the fact it is a point-based system – each year, an individual’s contributions are converted to retirement pension points and added to their account – the focus in government statements and parliamentary discussions remains on the age of retirement. Minister Gabriel Attal confirmed in an interview with the Journal du Dimanche published at the weekend the aim by 2035 of raising the retirement age to 64 with the period for contributions to rise to 43 years in order to receive a full pension. He is due to present his plans on Tuesday.