News from France 31 May 2021

News from France for Monday 31 May

New travel controls came into force for people arriving from the UK

The government budget deficit is growing

Cinemas reopened, grand slam tennis got underway

and transatlantic yacht teams arrived in the Caribbean.

Strict controls for people arriving from the UK came into force on Monday.

Travel is permitted only for people with essential reasons (motif imperieux) to visit France and they will have to show a negative Covid test taken within 48 hours of travel. On arrival they will have to self isolate for seven days.

The restrictions are due to the spread of the Indian variant of Covid in the UK.

The gap between government receipts and spending is set to increase by 47 billion euros this year.

The deficit last year was already at an all-time high – and this year will reach 220 billion euros, according to the Public Accounts Minister.

The government has provided funding support for companies and workers during the three lockdowns due to Covid-19.

Speaking on the radio this morning, Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said he was convinced there would be 5 percent growth this year and a return to pre-pandemic levels of economic activity “at the start of 2022.”

More than two million people people went to the movies in the week after cinemas reopened after seven months of closures, according to industry sources.

There are about 400 new movies waiting to be seen in the coming months.

The teen manga Demon Slayer was watched by 350,000 people while Tom & Jerry drew a quarter of a million.

The cinemas have to limit their audiences to a third of normal capacity and can not yet show movies after 9pm, when the overnight curfew sets in.

The Transat doubles yacht race has been won by TeamWork (Nils Palmieri / Julien Villion) who took 18 days 5 hours, 8 minutes and three seconds to cross the Atlantic.

Nils Palmieri & Julien Villion arrived two hours ahead of the second placed team – as of Monday there were still four teams at sea.

They all left the French port of Concarneau on 12 May in the 15th race to be held since its start in 1992.

and the Roland Garros grand slam tennis event got underway in Paris on Sunday, a week after its usual start.

Held last year in the autumn due to Covid-19, it will continue until Sunday 13 June.

For the first week, 5,000 people can buy tickets each day and then from the second Wednesday 13,000 can go in to watch the matches, so long as they have a health pass.

The 9pm curfew remains in place, meaning that the first ever night session will take place behind closed doors and will be broadcast only by Amazon Prime Video.

Scheduled for 9pm until midnight, the first night match under the lights of the new roof on Monday will be played by Serena Williams.

This has been News from France for Monday 31 May 2021.

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